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Thiers-Issard Four-Star Elephant Sabatier Knives 2 in mincing knife - black

2 in mincing knife – black

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White Handle Knife Set

Stunning Boxed Sets

Historic knives prove their mettle!

Louise Apron SquareThiers-Issard Sabatier****Elephant Knives have been the choice of Bon Vivant School of Cooking for over 30 years. These hand-forged knives are the standard by which all other cutlery is judged.

Our long running relationship with Thiers Issard has allowed us to introduce our students (and the rest of America) to these fine products and has led to the development of our signature Bon Vivant knife.

Local Seattle chefs love their Sabatier knives and our cooking students have delighted in getting an edge on their skills using these exceptional culinary instruments.